Wednesday May 27th, 2015

Jakob's original series "Leaving the Nest" is among the Official Selection for Film-Com 2015 which is located in Nashville, TN.

Tuesday March 31st, 2015

Jakob's original series "Leaving the Nest" received Best TV Concept for the Las Vegas Screenplay Contest! See it here:

​Monday February 23rd, 2015

Jakob's original series "Leaving the Nest" pilot screenplay is featured on the Los Angelos Independant Film Festival Awards Official Selection for the month of February! He is under the Screenplay Television category (towards the bottom of the page)

See it here:

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Tuesday June 30th, 2015

Jakob officially joined the Halifax Summer Opera Festival's production of "Street Scene" by Kurt Weill.

Halifax Summer Opera Festival

Jakob Creighton

REPRESENTATIVE:​ Anchor Talent Group
UK REPRESENTATIVE: Break a Leg Management